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Hive Minds (The Covidians Vs ContraCoVids) Pandemic Story

                                                    Hive Minds             (The Covidians Vs ContraCovids)     On the planet of Corib 19 there lived two different type of living creatures. There was the Covidians that lived on one side of the planet and the ContraCovids that lived on the other side.       They were the same species of creatures, and all lived in a semi decent harmony galaxies ago. The walked on two feet and wore a huge space helmet that helped them breath in Corib 19's atmosphere. They divided into two different groups when their planet Corib 19 was invaded by a fusion of spike ball alien invaders called Covids.        Usually, all citizens of Planet Corib 19 worked together but in the year 22222, the Year of the Oze, something different happened. That was the year that they stopped eating their normal diet of White Mangas. A white fluffy material that was light and delicious and was abundant on their planet.  Some traveling Martians from planet Flax came and were

A Very Dark Winter (Pandemic FairyTale)

                        A Very Dark Winter               (A Pandemic FairyTale Story)                         Once upon a Time, there was an old man named Normandy. He lived and survived through the most horrific cold winter in history. This is the story of how the old man survived.                         It was a cold December day, it was also very dark. It was dark due to the power grid shutting off. Old Normandy had been wise and had stocked up on food many months before winter because he kept hearing Prince Harry Ligs warning the people about the Very Dark Winter that would be coming. Yet he was almost out of all the food he stocked up. He woke up with his nightcap on and his pajamas and his winter coat and an icicle hanging from his nose. He could see the air in a cloud puff as he breathed. There had not been power for months now. He got up to put some wood in the fireplace and he only has a few pieces left. He made a small fire to take out the sting of the cold if that was even

How the Doctor stole Christmas(Pandemic FairyTale)

                        How The Doctor Stole Christmas                   (Pandemic FairyTale)                                                 Jimmy Jones was sitting in the living room with his younger twin brothers, Evan and Deven. The Tv was on and Dr. Licorice came on and a news reporter was interviewing him. Dr. Licorice was a fascinating man, not only is he a Doctor but he is also a Toy Maker and the owner of Candy Land Inc..There were not many toy companies left since the Pandemic hit several years ago.          Dr. Licorice was on the T.V at least once a week. He was the headmaster of letting the public know about the new CDB rules. Mom was very dedicated to Dr. Licorice and had several of his books for show on their corner table. One was, How to Thrive in a Pandemic. Another one was, How to host virtual dinner parties. The last one was How to Social Distance and still love your life. Mom followed every rule that Doctor Licorice recommended. Most of the Doctor's recommendati