American Political Polarization: A new Mental Illness

             American Political Polarization                      A New Mental Illness   It is May and it it currently Mental Health Awareness Month. I decided to write a few blogs on the subject. Including that I think that America is dealing with a mental illness itself. That mental illness is called, Political Polarization or for short, Poli-polar       Poli-Polar is a devastating severe mental illness. Signs and Symptoms of Poli-Polar are the following Trouble Sleeping at night, nightmares Excessive focus on news and shows focused on political programming Hating people of the opposing Political team that you are on Engaging in Political discrimination and thinking all people of the opposite party are exactly the same and evil Most time is consumed on how to fight the other party and to expose them Hate is more in your heart then love Thinking only the good people are on your Political Party Deleting friends on Social Media because of their Political Party Not allowing others to ha

The Cancel Leeches (Inspired By Dr.Seuss)

                    The Cancel Leeches

             Cancel this, Cancel that!

This is not good anymore say the Leeches

We need to make the world a better place

                    First it was Roses

                      They were Too Red

              Go, go Go!

              Away with it

                                   say the Leeches

What about this? Will this work says the boy

    No, no, no! This will not work at all they say

    It does not fit in with Cancel Culture World!

          It must go! It must go now!

Its too bright they say and too fun!

       Cancel it, Cancel it now!

We have always been eating grapes says the boy

   Not anymore say the leeches

         Too green and too purple!

             Not proper for this new world

Cancel, Cancel, Cancel they shout

   Can I at least have my bike says the boy

     The one with the two seater seat?

Let me take a look says the head Cancel Leech

   Oh no no no no no! 

    It is way to shiny and too blue!

 It has too many wheels and too many seats

It's unthinkable to drive a two wheeler bike in this politically charged world!

   Cancel it, Cancel it before I scream!

     The leeches keep going with their Clipboards

   Chanting, not this, not that

     Cancel, Cancel, Cancel!

 They see the boys sister holding a worn teddy bear

Their eyes open wide, We have

to take that bear

  It's all wrong! Too fuzzy and to gray! Cancel it!

    NO says her brother! 

     You will not take that bear!

We will and we will do it quick says the Leeches!

     Cancel it Quick they chant

STOP says the boy!

      You Leeches need to STOP

      At first your cause was noble

by cancelling thorns from roses

  but then you started cancelling their leaves too!

Then you cancelled certain color roses and said they were bad because they were yellow, then later the red ones! Until all roses were banned

       Then you cancelled chairs, and the sofas too

 Then Chimneys, because Santa was cancelled too

  Then is was cat nip and bobby pins were too sharp

  You Need to STOP!

You will not take that Bear!

    The leeches dropped the bear

       and gave the boy a stare

Maybe the boy is right said the smallest leech

  I do miss my bobby     pin to tie up my leech hair

  They packed up their clipboards and their never ending list and and left with a defeated kind of look

   You can have back your bear says the brother

    The children will never forget the leeches came

to their house one cold day

    They wished for better days, fun days like when the Cat came. 

     They wonder where the Cat has been

       It has been such a long time

            Maybe he is on a trip, maybe he is

on a new adventure! 

     It has been a long day

The girl looks down at her bear and smiles with glee, you are not going anywhere Teddy Bear



This Story is dedicated to my one of my hero's

Dr. Seuss for writing  such rich children stories that can not match any other children's book.  It inspired my mind with creativity and helped me to dream and imagine. Thank you Dr. Seuss


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