How America's 2020 Election is connected to Venezuela SMARTMATIC

  How America's 2020 Election is connected to  Venezuela                                     SMARTMATIC                      I will be make a series of blogs dedicated to Venezuela and how it relates to our current America. My mother and her family are all from Venezuela and I grew up visiting the country many times as part of my childhood. So I will be able to give a broader perspective on it.                       For my first blog related to Venezuela I will show you the connection of our latest American 2020 elections compared to the 2004 Recall election for Chavez, dictator of Venezuela. In 2004, there was a recall election for Chavez. Millions were in the streets protesting against Chavez. So they had the recall election. Interestingly enough, that was the first year that Smartmatic Voting Systems was used in Venezuela. Smartmatic was creation by 3 Venezuelan engineers created and founded in Caracus, Venezuela. How convient for Hugo Chavez that resided in Caracus.  In 1999, C

The Media Is The New Mob

                                 The Media Is The New Mob

                     It has now been 3 days after Election day and with all the chaos doing on about not having a decision in yet about who will be President my concerns have been with what is going on with the mainstream media.

                  I was watching the major networks on Election night and flipped through the different stations. I noticed that Fox was not covering from a conservative view point. I thought that was interesting and I let that though go wondering if they are trying to balance their show with liberal guests. It was really frustrating watching these networks with all of the viewpoints leaning heavily to the left. I thought how unfair when the Nation is so divided to only cover one side. What about all the people that I know that are like me and then are subjected to one sided media?

                 Then what got me really upset is when Fox called for Nevada and CNN didn't yet. I thought Fox is just like all the others, there is nothing left. We are becoming like China now. Having everything spoon fed to us and Censored. How can this be America when there is only one Perspective in the media and it is not objective but in your face one sided with no shame.

                   I know 2020 has been one of the craziest years for many people, but I felt like there was a real shift after Election day. Where I woke up the next day and it's like I am living in a new world. A world were everything is biased. One Sided. A complete brain Washing Monopoly. It is not the America I once knew. Where we were so diverse and had so many choices and could join different groups to belong to. Well I guess we do still do that but the Media is painting a different picture. A picture were the other side barely exists and that if we do exist we are a minority and that we are all White Supremacists even though Trump had the most non white voters in 60 years. They just call that out with out knowing any history of what we stand for it. We can come from Multicultural mixed families and many of us our from countries were Socialism destroyed our country!  Yet they just call us White Supremacists with hate  and ignorance filled in their hearts. That is why a Black supporter in My Community was killed this summer?  It is pure name calling and Bullying.  I call it deceptive and I call it Hate Speech. 

                So I wake up Post Election Day to this new creepy world that is all one sided. I can not listen to the mainstream media so I go on to listen to my favorite Conservative You Tubers with lot of them complaining that their tweets and Social Media Platforms have been deleted.. Really? Soon they will probably be all gone.

                            I was so happy when Amy Coney Barrot was appointed our new Supreme Court Judge. Yet I was thinking of who had a lot of power in America and I think it is Big Tech. We now have a Cyber Supreme Court that will judge on whether your text is permissible to say or not. Mark will not be the Supreme Judge to dictate what is ok to say. Forgot about our rights and free Speech in this new Cyber World where you will only have full fledge Citizenship only if you are a card carrying Liberal.

                  Big Tech will be the new Governors and Senators and we do not even have to elect them but they will be the powers over us governing us. Making up the Liberal Moral Code Constitution. I have been deleting my social media because I do not want to be part of this New Country. I want to be an American where I have a free speech and can be a free thinker. 

                        If the election day media was enough to make me cringe, the following days was enough to make me vomit at the T.V.  It was like I was trapped in a weird 5th dimension in a episode of the Twiilite Zone. The newscaster were all now roasting Trump! Oh wait maybe I was mistaken and accidently put on Saturday Night Live.. No this was ABC. Pinch, Pinch. I am still in reality. They take turns roasting him like they want to burn him on the stake. I was shocked I have never seen it at this level. Then Anderson Cooper said he was an  Obese turtle. So unprofessional and it's like Bullying on a playground. It was UnBelievable to me! So more then all the Protests and Unrest in the streets and a Pandemic this New Media Mob is the most unsettling to me of them all! It is creepy and it I feel like A New Cyber Purge has come upon us. The Mainstream Media downplayed that a conservative town in Arizona were given Sharpies instead of pens and then when they looked to see if their ballot was received online, it said their vote was cancelled. They also changed their ballots to paper instead of cardstock and the sharpies bled through the paper. I saw a livestream of person after person complaining that they used a sharpie and their vote was not counted when they checked to track their ballot yet the media showed them in a bad light.

                   I just got done watching one of the best documentaries I have ever seen on Big Tech and how they manipulate the Google search engines to promote one Candidate over another by putting the Liberal candidate in a good light and the Conservative Candidate in a bad light. Here is the link to the documentary. If you want to skip to the good part about how they can manipulate people into voting for a liberal candidate the time stamp is 59:50

          Every American should watch this documentary. We now live in a society similar to China with their internet censorship. It has become a Fascist Cyber World. A Monopoly of Thought. We are entering in a Brave New World folks. We know that independent voices will be be censored more and more everyday. When the News of the day fails you and you do not know where to turn anymore. There is still one news out let you can trust and that is the Good News. Read this News everyday to have wisdom and a Renewed Mind.  You will be refreshed and encouraged by it.  God Bless

Here is a Link To a Fun and encouraging link to Alex Jones giving a 1776 Speech in Arizona to a crowd of Patriots. 1776!!!1776 Video!! Alex Jones!  We Love America!

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