Hive Minds (The Covidians Vs ContraCoVids) Pandemic Story

                                                    Hive Minds             (The Covidians Vs ContraCovids)     On the planet of Corib 19 there lived two different type of living creatures. There was the Covidians that lived on one side of the planet and the ContraCovids that lived on the other side.       They were the same species of creatures, and all lived in a semi decent harmony galaxies ago. The walked on two feet and wore a huge space helmet that helped them breath in Corib 19's atmosphere. They divided into two different groups when their planet Corib 19 was invaded by a fusion of spike ball alien invaders called Covids.        Usually, all citizens of Planet Corib 19 worked together but in the year 22222, the Year of the Oze, something different happened. That was the year that they stopped eating their normal diet of White Mangas. A white fluffy material that was light and delicious and was abundant on their planet.  Some traveling Martians from planet Flax came and were

How America's 2020 Election is connected to Venezuela SMARTMATIC

 How America's 2020 Election is connected to  Venezuela


                     I will be make a series
of blogs dedicated to Venezuela and how it relates to our current America. My mother and her family are all from Venezuela and I grew up visiting the country many times as part of my childhood. So I will be able to give a broader perspective on it.

                      For my first blog related to Venezuela I will show you the connection of our latest American 2020 elections compared to the 2004 Recall election for Chavez, dictator of Venezuela. In 2004, there was a recall election for Chavez. Millions were in the streets protesting against Chavez. So they had the recall election. Interestingly enough, that was the first year that Smartmatic Voting Systems was used in Venezuela. Smartmatic was creation by 3 Venezuelan engineers created and founded in Caracus, Venezuela. How convient for Hugo Chavez that resided in Caracus.  In 1999, Chavez stripped out the old constitution and made a new one. 

                                 So how can we relate the our most recent Presidential elections compared with the dictator of Venezuela? They both were using Smartmatic software for their voting machines. 

                        I kept seeing you tube videos about how Dominion Voting fraud was impacting the American vote but I couldn't put all the dots and connections together to really understand what was going on. I tried to do some internet browsing or get some news on it explaining it more I couldn't find it. Then again we are now living in a anti-info world were information is not censored. I had to do my own research and all I really had was Wikapedia. In the end that is all I needed. There will be a day soon that I will not be able to research anything due to living in the Censorship age. 

                         I believe that that using the Smartmatic system was the path to Dictatorship for Hugo Chavez. Smartmatic bought US-based Sequoia. Then Dominion bought Sequoia. 

Here is a quote from a Venezuelan Whistleblower. It just blows my mind that in 2020 we are using Venezuelan created Voting software that started with the Venezuelan elections to help secure a Dictator that destroyed a nation! How does this happen?? 

                   Yet the story gets more interesting...All of my research comes from Wikapedia which I do not trust but that is all I have as resources.  So If you do not believe me look up on Wikapedia. Smartmatic... Then do a search on Sequoia then do one on Dominion. Every time I looked into this, the dots were connecting and the story was unfolding like a some crazy movie! So if you do a search on Smartmatic you will find out that the CEO of Smartmatic, this. I copied and pasted this  In 2014, Smartmatic’s CEO Antonio Mugica and British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown announced the launching of the SGO Corporation Limited,[14][15] a holding company based in London whose primary asset is the election technology and voting machine manufacturer. Lord Malloch-Brown became chairman of the board of directors of SGO since its foundation,[16] while Antonio Mugica remained as CEO of the new venture. They were joined on SGO’s board by Sir Nigel Knowles, Global CEO of DLA Piper, entrepreneur David Giampaolo and Roger PiƱate, Smartmatic’s COO and co-founder.

The aim of SGO, according to its CEO was "to continue to make investments in its core business (election technology), but it is also set to roll out a series of new ventures based on biometricsonline identity verificationinternet voting and citizen participation, e-governance and pollution control.”[17]

         Does Lord Mark Malloch-Brown ring a bell? I clicked on his name and found this....

Association with George Soros[edit]

Malloch Brown has been closely associated with billionaire speculator George Soros. Working for Refugees International, he was part of the Soros Advisory Committee on Bosnia in 1993–94, formed by Soros. He has since kept cordial relations with Soros, and rented an apartment owned by Soros while working in New York on UN assignments.[51] While serving as United Nations Development Programme Administrator, Malloch Brown spoke beside Soros in 2002 suggesting that United Nations and Soros's Open Society Institute, as well as other organizations, work together to fund humanitarian functions.[52]

In May 2007, Soros's Quantum Fund announced the appointment of Malloch Brown as vice-president.[53] In September 2007, The Observer reported that he had resigned this position on becoming a government minister in the UK.[54] Also in May 2007, Malloch Brown was named vice-chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute, two other important Soros organisations.[55]

In 2013 Malloch Brown and FTI Consulting came to a legal settlement with Israeli mining billionaire Beny Steinmetz, who had sued them claiming Malloch Brown had given confidential information to Soros which led to a smear campaign against Steinmetz's mining company. The out-of-court settlement of €90,000 plus costs was without any determination of liability.[56]

Malloch Brown is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Crisis Group,[57] and played a key role in its foundation in 1993–5. In July 2014 he became Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees.[58]

             Quite interesting huh? So the software we are using Smartmatic was created by Venezuelan engineers and used to secure the Chavez Dictatorship and Smartmatic is also has ties to Soros. I also found live video footage of an executive of Smartatic being screamed at by Filipino politician who blasted Smartmatic for Fradulent elections in his country. Smartmatic assured him that all votes would be tabulated before 8pm. Then at 10 pm a burst of new Votes pushed through the Smartmatic Machines. Here is a link to the video of the president going off on Smartmatic, Link to Smartmatic Rep. Confronted

 But of course the story could'nt end there right? It would be all to easy. 

              Guess who is being considered to be on Biden's transitional team? The board of Directors for Smartmatic! Peter Neffengeris.  Really? 

It is getting late in the night and Im facinated by all of my discoveries and I want to go to sleep but the story doesn't want to end!

              I find out who is the President of Dominion. Someone named Eric Coomer that was very vocal about him hating Trump and also assuring people he would not win. 

               Interesting..... I think the story will continue to unfold.Here  is a video of what the the head of the Electoral College of Venezuela thinks about Smartmatic. Unfortuantly her voice does matter anymore because after Venezuela starting using Smartmatic.

    Her voice does  not matter anymore as the the congress and the senate were now dismissed forever. Here  One thing my Venezuelan mom told me. If they get away with this just like they did in Venezuela there is no turning back anymore. We will never see America like it was before. We will be on the Venezuelan track to our democracy which won't be on anymore. After Chavez won the recall election he then decided to eliminate the Congress and then later the Senate. We need to brace ourselves America. 

Video of current Venezuelan dictator Maduro praising Biden

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