Hive Minds (The Covidians Vs ContraCoVids) Pandemic Story

                                                    Hive Minds             (The Covidians Vs ContraCovids)     On the planet of Corib 19 there lived two different type of living creatures. There was the Covidians that lived on one side of the planet and the ContraCovids that lived on the other side.       They were the same species of creatures, and all lived in a semi decent harmony galaxies ago. The walked on two feet and wore a huge space helmet that helped them breath in Corib 19's atmosphere. They divided into two different groups when their planet Corib 19 was invaded by a fusion of spike ball alien invaders called Covids.        Usually, all citizens of Planet Corib 19 worked together but in the year 22222, the Year of the Oze, something different happened. That was the year that they stopped eating their normal diet of White Mangas. A white fluffy material that was light and delicious and was abundant on their planet.  Some traveling Martians from planet Flax came and were

What Famous Introverts Match With Your Own Personality?

    What famous introverts match with your own personality?            
    I will list a few Introverted characters that are real, fictional, biblical and even video game characters that identify with your Myers Briggs personality. If you are not a introvert, none of these personalities will apply to you. If you are not sure which personality aligns with you please click on this link to take the test. Also, remember this list in not a 100 percent accurate and is just a estimate and is more meant to have fun with. After you know your type check to see the famous characters that match with you and maybe check out a movie about them or read a book written by them to understand your Myers Brigg personality Type better.


      Several presidents have been ISTJ's, including George Washington. 

Presidents - George Washington, Andrew Johnson, Benjamin Harrison, Harry Truman

Business-  Henry Ford, Jeff Bezos, John D. Rockefeller

Biblical- Thomas, Boaz, Josiah, Nicodemus, James

Entertainers - Robert DeNiro, Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts

Philosophers- Sigmound Frued

Fictional Characters - Eboneezer Scrouge, Owen Lars from Star Wars and Knuckles the Echidna


 There has been a handful of first ladies that have been ISTJ's, some wonderful social activists and talented singers.

Presidents - William Howard Taft, Jimmy Carter

First Ladies - Bess Truman, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush

Entertainers - Bruce Willis, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar

Writers- Agatha Christie, Louisa May Alcott

Fictional Characters- Cinderella, Yoshi(Mario Brothers) and C-3PO

Biblical Figures- Timothy, Mary mother of Jesus, Jeremiah, Ruth

Social Activists - Mother Theresa, Rosa parks


 INFJ's seem to have a knack for Philosophy and have some famous scientists

President- Martin Van Buren

Entertainers - Taylor Swift, George Harrison, Peter Gabriel, Al Pacino, Mel Gibson

Scientists - Carl Jung, Noam Chomsky

Fictional Characters - Atticus Finch, Obi Wan Kenobi,Princess Zelda

Writers - Plato, Leo Tolstoy, Aristophanes

Biblical Figure- Joseph, Elisha,


  INTJ's  seem to have good leadership skills but can also become masterminds.


Chester A. Arthur ,Woodrow Wilson,Dwight D. Eisenhower.John F. Kennedy ,Thomas Jefferson,James K. Polk, Calvin Coolidge

Political Leaders- Hilary Clinton,Vladamir Lenin

Innovator- Mark Zuckerberg

Scientists- Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, John Maynard Keys

Writers- Ayn Rand, Jane Austen

Philosophers- Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Luther

Biblical figures - Solomon, Daniel

Entertainers- Jay Z, Beethoven,Jodie Foster

Fictional Characters- Bruce Wayne, Walter White, Palpatine, Falco (Star Fox Series)

Biblical figure - Solomon


Presidents - Zachary Taylor

Entertainers- Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, Bruce Lee

Writers - Ernest Hemingway, Diogenes

Fictional Characters- Indiana Jones, Link from Zelda, Chewbacca

Biblical Figure- Jacob, Matthew 

Adventurers - Alan Shepard and Sally Ride were Astronauts. Amelia Earhart, and Japanese swordsman and writer Miyamoto Musashi


           ISFP's seem to love a world filled with beauty and appreciate the arts.

Presidents- Milard Fillmore,Ulysses Grant,Warren Harding

Artists- Pablo Picasso, Bob Ross, Aususte Rodin, Paul Gauguin

Fictional Characters- Bail Organa from Star Wars,Seneca from the Hunger Games and  Diddy Kong

Entertainers- Michael Jackson,Wolfgang Mozart,Paul McCartney,Lady Gaga,Jim Morrison,Joss Stone, Marilyn Monroe,Steven Spielburg,Ryan Gosling, Fred Astaire.John Travolta, Eliabeth Taylor

Biblical Figures: Eve, Gideon

                 INTP's seem to be quiet thinkers that like to study  and experiment with things in their own private world. 

Presidents- Abraham Lincoln,James Madison, John Quincy Adams, John Tyler, Gerald Ford

Entertainers- Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stein

Fictional Characters- Yoda, Gandalf, Miles aka Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog

Biblical figures- Nathon, Phillip

Scientists- Albert Einstein. Marie Curie, Charles Darwin

Philospers- Eckhart Tolle, Thomas Aquinas, Immanuel Kant


   INFP's are best known for their creativity and literary works. Isabel Myers Briggs is a INFP and she is the one that created this Personality assessment. 

Authors- William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, George Orwell, C.S. Lewis, Hans Christian Anderson,J.R.R Tolkien

Artists- Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol

Entertainers- Bob Marley, Johnny Depp, John Lenin

Fictional Characters- Luke Skywalker,Frodo Baggins, Jane Eyre, Romeo and Juliet and Toad from Mario Brothers

Biblical Figures-  Mary Magdalene

Inspirational Figures- Princess Diana, Fred Rogers, Isabel Myers Brggs

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