American Political Polarization: A new Mental Illness

             American Political Polarization                      A New Mental Illness   It is May and it it currently Mental Health Awareness Month. I decided to write a few blogs on the subject. Including that I think that America is dealing with a mental illness itself. That mental illness is called, Political Polarization or for short, Poli-polar       Poli-Polar is a devastating severe mental illness. Signs and Symptoms of Poli-Polar are the following Trouble Sleeping at night, nightmares Excessive focus on news and shows focused on political programming Hating people of the opposing Political team that you are on Engaging in Political discrimination and thinking all people of the opposite party are exactly the same and evil Most time is consumed on how to fight the other party and to expose them Hate is more in your heart then love Thinking only the good people are on your Political Party Deleting friends on Social Media because of their Political Party Not allowing others to ha

Baby Names for the Millanium Kingdom Age

        Baby Names For Millennium kingdom Age

                       I thought it would be fun to create a baby list for the coming Millennium Kingdom age. This will be great time of peace. 

1. Zion/Sion- This is a unisex name to describe the city of David in Jerusalem.

2.  Jubilee-  A female name that means Joy and celebration. What a perfect name for the Millennium period! 

3. Simcah- A unisex name that also means Joy.

4. Shiloh/Chyloe- A unisex name meaning gift or rest. Spelled Chyloe is more for females.

5. Carmi- A unisex name means, my vineyard. 

6.  Jedi- No this is not a star wars name. It is short for Jedediah. This is a boy name and means beloved by God. I love it!

7. Benroy- Male name for son of a Lion. The Lion of Judah will reign so this an appropriate name.

8. Katriel- a female name that means my crown is God. This is a good name for the Millennial age since Jesus will reign. 

9.Chiasa- A female Japanese name meaning a thousand mornings. A thousand mornings with Jesus, what a beautiful thing!

10. Judah- Our king is from the tribe of Judah so this name will be perfect for the coming Minimum Kingdom age.

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