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The Cancel Leeches (Inspired By Dr.Seuss)

                      The Cancel Leeches              Cancel this, Cancel that! This is not good anymore say the Leeches We need to make the world a better place                     First it was Roses                       They were Too Red               Go, go Go!               Away with it                                    say the Leeches What about this? Will this work says the boy     No, no, no! This will not work at all they say     It does not fit in with Cancel Culture World!           It must go! It must go now! Its too bright they say and too fun!        Cancel it, Cancel it now! We have always been eating grapes says the boy    Not anymore say the leeches          Too green and too purple!              Not proper for this new world Cancel, Cancel, Cancel they shout    Can I at least have my bike says the boy      The one with the two seater seat? Let me take a look says the head Cancel Leech    Oh no no no no no!      It is way to shiny and too blue!  It has too many wheels

Baby Names for the Millanium Kingdom Age

        Baby Names For Millennium kingdom Age                         I thought it would be fun to create a baby list for the coming Millennium Kingdom age. This will be great time of peace.  1. Zion/Sion- This is a unisex name to describe the city of David in Jerusalem. 2.  Jubilee-  A female name that means Joy and celebration. What a perfe ct name for the Millennium period!  3. Simcah- A unisex name that also means Joy. 4. Shiloh/Chyloe- A unisex name meaning gift or rest. Spelled Chyloe is more for females. 5.  Carmi- A unisex name means, my vineyard.  6.  Jedi- No this is not a star wars name. It is short for Jedediah. This is a boy name and means beloved by God. I love it! 7. Benroy- Male name for son of a Lion. The Lion of Judah will reign so this an appropriate name. 8. Katriel- a female name that means my crown is God. This is a good name for the Millennial age since Jesus will reign.  9. Chiasa- A female Japanese n