The dehumanization of the Unvaccinated

              The Dehumanization of the Unvaccinated                                        I have recently seen a new radical attitude of hostility against Unvaccinated Americans. With President Biden setting the precedent. I was surprised by Joe Biden's latest speech where he tells unvaccinated Americans that his patience is waning thin. I have never heard a President address American people with such sustain.      In my career, my specialty is to study Behavior so I had to think of the deeper meaning behind this. I could be wrong but my conclusion is this is a start of a process to dehumanize unvaccinated Americans.      There was absolutely no compassion or positively motivated unvaxxed Americans to get vaccinated but it was filled with shaming and threats. I did some research on people dehumanize others and I found an uncanny resemblance of the 4 step plan and what is going on.    1. Prejudice        The first step to dehumanize a social group is using Prejudice.  One way to d

Summer Reading List For Christian Women!

 Summer Reading List For The Christian Women     2019

        Summer is right around the corner and if you get and it's time to get a great book and read by the beach or any other favorite spot! I have included a spectrum of different books from non-fiction,fiction,self help to fantasy.

                 1. It's not supposed to be this way by Lysa Tykeurst. This is the book they are using for the women's summer bible study at my church. Lysa does not fail us again! I am only in a couple chapter and I am amazed how good it is. It is about dealing with unexpected hardships in your life and how God transforms them.   


2. Girl, wash your face by Rachel Hollis-Stop believing the lies about who are So you can become who You were meant to be

 Rachel Hollis has a big online following. This motivational books seems to have everyday practical advice. This book will bolster your identity in Christ. 

3.   The Heart of A King- The Loves of King Solomon by Jill Eileen Smith

   Pick up this book discover the story of the wisest man who ever lived and the adventure he had with all his wives. There maybe more drama in this book then the the show the Bachelor!


4.  The Power of Habit - by Charles Duhigg

I have been wanting to read this for awhile! I heard so many worth of mouth recommendations on this that it got me very curious! I am ready to dive deep in this book this summer!

5.   The book of Signs by- 31 Undeniable Prophesies of the Apocalypse By David Jeremiah

       It's the sign of the times so this book appropriate for today. I think it would be a very interesting read to always be watchful and have our lamps ready. 

6.    Freedom from Emotional Eating- A weight loss bible study By Barb Raveling

Still need to loose your winter weight for this summer? I am curious to read what tactics she offer for emotional eaters because I am one.

7. Counter Culture: Following Christ in a Anti-Christian Age By David Platt

I am so excited to check this book out. It goes into subject matter such as abortion, lgbtq, politics and everything this current culture is dealing with. This is a Christian guide to navigating the current Anti-Christian age.

8.  Isaiah's Daughter by Mesu Andrews

This is the book I am currently reading. In this book you will be thrown back in time to the reign of King of Judah, Hezekiah.   It actually reminds me of the distorted culture they were living in  that period and I can see that in our culture today. See how King Hezi trys to live for God in a Culture that wants otherwise. It also has a cute romance in this story.


9. Winning the Worry Battle: Life Lesson's from the book of Joshua By Barb Roose

As a worry wort myself this book could be of real use! Jesus said, "And Which oh you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?" Wow, I have lost a lot of hours dedicated to worry and I think this book will be a much needed read!

10.  Boundary Warrior By Ivy White

I love the title of this book! If you have already read the book Boundaries By Henry Cloud and John Townsend and now you need more encouragement to be a  Boundary Princess Warrior this is the book for you!

11. Rhythms of Rest-Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a busy world By Shelly Miller
I just love the new influx of books about rest. I think it is so healthy for your body and soul especially living in a age of so much busyness. Get this book and soak in this book during a peaceful day at the beach or pool.

12.  The Atonement Child By Francine Rivers

This is a fictional book is about unplanned pregnancy and abortion. I am defiantly going to try to read this, this summer especially in light with the political climate of the subject of abortion. If this subject is to heavy for you pick any book written by Francine Rivers, her books never disappoint!

   I hope there was something of interest on this list to get your summer reading already to go! Also check out my All Time Favorite Christian books for more inspiration! Here is the Link.

 If you have any Christian Summer recommendations yourself please leave it in the comments, I would love more suggestions! Don't forget to read the most important book of all, the Bible!  I like diving into one book at a time and really immersing myself in it. I am currently reading the book of Isaiah. I absolutely love it and can not get enough of it! The book is has a Whimsical element to it that makes me want to play in the world of Isaiah. It is like a movie that reveals the current story but also has flashbacks and future events and prophesies. It is a literary genius. It has prophetic poetry, imagery and word play. This book is complex yet fascinating. It has mysteries and codes to figure out. It talks about a future time of the Millennial  age of peace were Jesus will reign on earth and even the animals will be at peace with each other.
The book of Isaiah is an amazing book but it is not for the faint of heart and I would not recommend it to beginner readers of the bible. Pick a book of the bible and study it, meditate on and be amazed with what God can reveal. If you really want to immerse yourself in one of the books of the bible. I read the book several times, do several bible studies on the book. is a easy free resource to get bible studies. Watch YouTube videos on the book you are reading. I read Isaiah's daughter as a supplement to really soak myself in and sometimes you can even listen to songs that are associated with the book you are reading! Remember if you a strict budget and can't buy a book, head to your local library and don't miss out on your Summer Reading!
                                              Picture from the book of Isaiah



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