How America's 2020 Election is connected to Venezuela SMARTMATIC

  How America's 2020 Election is connected to  Venezuela                                     SMARTMATIC                      I will be make a series of blogs dedicated to Venezuela and how it relates to our current America. My mother and her family are all from Venezuela and I grew up visiting the country many times as part of my childhood. So I will be able to give a broader perspective on it.                       For my first blog related to Venezuela I will show you the connection of our latest American 2020 elections compared to the 2004 Recall election for Chavez, dictator of Venezuela. In 2004, there was a recall election for Chavez. Millions were in the streets protesting against Chavez. So they had the recall election. Interestingly enough, that was the first year that Smartmatic Voting Systems was used in Venezuela. Smartmatic was creation by 3 Venezuelan engineers created and founded in Caracus, Venezuela. How convient for Hugo Chavez that resided in Caracus.  In 1999, C

Out Of Asia (Out of Africa Theory Debunked!)

                                      Out of Asia

                    First Human Migrations
                          Part 2 of Cavemen series

        I have recently been interested in my family heritage and taking DNA tests to find out more about my background. I took a test through 23 and me. They tell you what haplo group you are in and I found this extremely interesting. Not all Dna testing companies tell you this. They give you a history of early migrations of where your family migrated. The haplogroup goes back even farther back then your other DNA ethnicity reports.  Although there is one problem I have with them doing this, even though everyone has a unique history they still tell everyone that they migrated out of Africa. They start off every single person as starting from Africa, then your unique story comes in. I find this to be deceiving and it could be confusing for some people. I love them giving your haplogroup, I wish they would stick to individual results instead of adding stuff in there.

                      I found the whole migration of my own family interesting,especially finding out I come from a Native American back ground and also from my dad's haplogroup, I found out I come from a Irish king. This whole thing sparked a interest in early human migrations from a biblical perspective.  Humanists and Evolutions want to claim everyone came out of Africa because for them it works out with their evolution theory even though earliest human bones were found in Asia.  So if we didn't all come from Africa were did we all come from??

                    I am not going to start with Adam and Eve but with Noah's family. All human beings were wiped out except Noah's family with flood. So we will start after the flood. All human beings came from 3 men. Shem, Ham and Japeth. There 3 men were Noah's sons.  The ark landed on  the Mountains of Ararat which is in modern day Turkey. Turkey is in Asia Minor. Yes, that's right we came out of Asia not Africa. This is how it all started, Not with "Grampa Noah" grunting and howling like a ape. No, Noah was not a ape but an intelligent man.  There was 8 people on board the ship. Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives. After they landed on Mount Ararat, they descended the mountain and might have stayed close in the area (Mount Judi) for some time. Noah had planted a vineyard.  Unfortunately right away some drama started, because Noah got drunk because from this vineyard. This may be done completely out of ignorance because I believe the atmosphere before the flood was different and now things ferment. Some bad drama goes down between his sons and the bible doesn't seem to be completely clear on what horrible sin occurred but as a result, Ham's son Canaan is cursed.  I guess it doesn't take long for us human being to mess things up.

              God told Noah  to be fruitful and fill the earth.  They traveled eastward to a plain in Shinar. They settled there and everyone spoke one language. This is where they decided they did not want to be scattered all over the earth. Were they  in disobedience to God's call to fill the earth? It seems as this city was lead by mighty hunter named Nimrod, Noah's grandson. Genesis says that the beginning of his kingdom's started in Babylon, Erech, Akkad, and Calneh in Shinar. The historical records of Nimrod are not painting him as a good guy. Some also wonder what was he really hunting? Animals or man? He seems to be a man of great influence and power. Leading many people. They wanted to build a tower that reached to the heavens and make a name for themselves. God stopped their plans and confused every ones language, that is why is called Babel. That's why when babies are just making their first noises that do not make sense, it is called babble There is more to this babel story in Revelation we learn all about the, Mystery Babylon and how it will be part of future events.

    After God confused their languages and assigned them lands to go to. These lands define the first nations. In Genesis 10 you will learn all about the table nations and how they are assigned. They divided up Shem, Ham and Japeth. Ham's descendents go to Africa, Japeth to the north and Shem to the east.  According to my DNA results I have descendents from Shem, Ham and Japeth. 

  So what is the conclusion from all this? Out of Africa theory? The lie detector determined that was a lie. Your daddy is a monkey? The lie detector determined that is also a lie. You were made from the "image" of God not of a monkey. You are wonderfully and fearfully made! 

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