Are Anti-Hate yard signs sending hate messages?

Are Anti-hate signs sending hate messages?

I have a job that I deliver packages to people's homes. In the past I have seen yard signs that say, "Hate has no home here". Recently I saw a yard sign with a similar message and instead of conveying love to me I felt attacked by hate from the sign. I wanted to figure out why I felt hate coming from this sign.
   This sign got me thinking and also the sign that says, Hate has no home here".  So in that home that has the sign, no one in there is hating on Trump? Those people love everything and hate nothing?
     I feel like the word "hate" got hijacked and now the new definition of the word hate is this, hate- anyone that has an opposing view or belief from you is considered hate talk. I feel attacked by these signs because I am a Christian and my views line up with the bible. I am not against everything in this sign like Black lives matter. Of course they matter and I believe they are being harmed by the police out…

Christanese Understanding Christian Slang Words

ChristaneseUnderstanding Christian Slang Words

Christanese is words and phrases that Christians use often when together. I thought it would be fun to come up with a short list of my favorite Christaneese words. 
1.  Backsliding is when a Christian stops living for Jesus and abandons the Christian lifestyle. This person goes back to the lifestyle before they were a Christian, clubbing, drinking, gossipying etc.. This could be a few months or years but when they return back to Jesus, they call that period that they were gone as "Backsliding".

2. Fruitis used in a sentence like, " I am not seeing any fruit in you."  Fruit is from the Fruits of the Spirit. InGalatians 5:22-23 Paul lists nine specific behaviors – love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control – that are the result of the work of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life. So if someone says they do not see fruit in you this is not a good sign. When someone gives the…

10 Spring Essentials for the Christian Chic!

10 Spring Essentials For the Christian Chic

It is exciting to celebrate spring even when you live in Wisconsin and a snow storm is hitting here on April 27th! Here are 10 ways to add some Spring into your life and into your step!

1.  Spring is all about beautiful smells. Be a living Spring fragrance that others can smell the spiritual aroma from you. I have heard it smells of roses! In the bible its say,“For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ” (2 Cor. 2:15).We can infuse ourselves with these sweet scents when we put on kindness, gentleness,joy, peace,self control,patience faithfulness and goodness. 

2. A bold flowery dressis all the rage now. The colors are bright and bold and force us to acknowledge that spring is here! I am personally  loving yellow right now.

3.   A Spring Book to read outside in nature as you hear the birds chirping or if you live in Wisconsin a time to snuggle up and keep warm and read during the Spring Snow Storms. I am currently reading a book, Isaiah's…

How to not come off as being "Thirsty"

How to not come off as being                                           "Thirsty"

    What is "thirsty"? It a term used to describe someone in the dating world, as essentially being desperate. Here are some tops tips to not appear "thirsty".These tips are for people not in a established relationship but trying to start one in the beginning stages.

1.  Do not double text or triple text someone back. If someone texts you, do not respond with 3 texts or texts back to back. Text back and forth like throwing a ball back and forth. 
2.  Especially in the beginning of a possible new relationship, do not send overly romantic emojis like roses and kissy faces. It sends the message that you are definitely Thirsty!
3.  Do not blow up someone phone. This goes back to rule number 1, but also includes calling the person several times a day and you barely know the person. Let relationships develop at their own pace. This behavior does not match som…
The Fable Of Hate Speech

               There was an island far away with human type creatures that inhabited the land. The creatures were split into two different groups, the Lenches and the Ritters. The Lenches lived on one side of the island and the lenches lived on the other side. They all used to live together but there was a divide. The divide happened because they always used to eat scrambled eggs for lunch everyday until one day someone wanted to make something new and made a burger. Some of the creatures loved the new burgers for lunch and would not eat eggs anymore for lunch. That was fine for awhile and there was still peace among the community.

                  Until one day when the creatures started eating with only the same creatures that ate the same thing as they did. They started branching off into cliques. That was the beginning of things started to get bad in CraeCray land. That is also when they divided into the Lenches and the Ritters. The Lenches only ate hambu…