Living In A Upside Down World (Poem about Living in 2022)

                      Living in An Upside-Down World

                  Poem about living in 2022

We Live in in a Upside Down World 

Were Up is Down and Down is up

    A world were people chant, My body, My choice

        only if it is not about injecting vaccines

A world where there are marches to shut down the Patriarch

Yet they cheer when a man becomes woman of the Year 

A world where evil is called good and good is called evil

A place were extreme liberal figureheads become conservative

and the Church goes Woke

We live in a upside down world were left becomes right 

and right becomes left

A new world were in order to be anti-racist

You need to discriminate on color rather then on Character

A upside down world were Love is Hate and Hate is Love

Instead of Love not boasting now it has become Prideful

Were Up is down and down is Up

Were Evil is called good and Good is called Evil

How do I escape this Topsy Turvy World?

I look for the door that says "EXIT"

I am so happy, yet when I try to open the Door 

It locks and pulls me in more

to this Upside Down World were

Up is down and DoWn Is uP

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