The Ghetto State of Mind

                     The Ghetto State of Mind  The Ghetto state of mind is an intriguing concept. In my hometown this mind set is on an upscale. It has always been there but in the last 5 years its grown rampantly like wildfire. The ghetto state of mind comes in all colors and nationalities. You can identify it by how someone carries themselves and by their words and actions and how they treat others.   Let us explore this unaesthetic mind set.  This mind set is at one of the lowest mindsets. In this mindset the person always has to be right, always gets their way. Putting their needs first is always on their agenda. Some examples are screaming and honking at an elderly to cross the street as opposed to a more noble mindset of going out of your way to help an elderly person cross the street. This mindset is also displayed by not letting people merge on the highway knowing that now they will now have to exit. In some states not merging is against the law but it is just human decency tha

                                       A Parable about Discrimination

                 The Discriminating  Gnomes

 Once Upon a time in land called Losh there lived a community of Gnomes. It is a beautiful land with lots of green fields and mountains and also has a terrain of desert on the outer boarder of the land. In the land there lived all different types of Gnomes. 

        Some Gnomes had blue hair, some had purple hair. There were at least 7 different types of Gnomes with different hair colors. The Gnomes all learned to lived together despite their different hair colors. 

          It wasn't always this way. Long, long time ago. When the first Blue haired Gnomes first arrived in Losh they took over the most beautiful part of the land. Later when the Red-haired Gnomes wanted to dwell in Losh the Blue haired Gnomes did not want them living among them and threatened the  Reddies (Red hair Gnomes) with Violence if they tried to occupy the land of the Lush Fields. The Reddies had no choice but to comply because they were fewer in number then the Blueys (Blue Haired Gnomes).  The Blueys pushed the Reddies back to the desert area where they dwelled for 100 years. 

          As time went on other types of Gnomes also came to live in the land of Losh. The Greenies, Lilacs and Goldies came too. The Blueys eventually back downed and allowed other type of Gnomes to live among them. They backed downed after they were influenced by a wise old Gnome called Melly. Melly came to live in Losh when he was already old and had Gray Hair. No one ever knew what Gnome Tribe Nelly was from because he never revealed it and had gray hair. 

         When Nelly came to Losh all the Gnomes were so inspired by his wisdom and his message of Love united all the Gnomes and they lived in peace. That is also why the Blueys let the other Gnomes lives the best part of the land. It was a land flowing with Milk and Honey.  Nelly taught them that it is what's in your heart that matters not the tint of your hair color. 

           The Gnomes lived in harmony and peace for 200 Years. Until one day when a strange wind came across the land and the message of Nelly must have been swept away with that wind. 

    The peace and harmony also got swept away and hostility started breaking out among the community of gnomes. Some of the older Gnomes told the others that they had forgotten the Wisdom of Melly and that we should remember it and to judge others based on their heart and not their hair. The younger ones thought that Melly's message was outdated for their generation and no longer worked.

       When the Strange Wind fist came over the land of Losh it also swept away all the of the butterflies. A new species of jumping insects moved into Losh. They were called Pogs. Pogs were a type of insect that looked like a combination of a gnat mixed with an ugly grasshopper. Lots of other vegetation in the land also died out and their green grass became dry and brown. 

        There was a leader of the Gnomes in those dark days and his name was Twitch. He was a Hybrid Gnome, for his mother was a Bluey and his father was a Goldie. Twitch decided he had to take drastic measures to help the land of Losh become Lush again. The hostility among the Gnomes was out of control and almost every night there was some type of Gnome Protest or riot. 

       Twitch thought the wisdom of Nelly was also outdated so he opened up several Gnome Universities in the land of Losh to find the Knowledge that would help restore their country. He ordered ancient scrolls from around the world to find the secret wisdom. He had scrolls from the Wise Elves of the East and old scrolls from the Trolls of the West. Yet at the end he determined them all useless and outdated as well.  

        Twitch was feeling frustrated and went to take a walk near the dusty road in town. He went to sit down on a rock and heard all the weird noises from the Pogs coming from the tall fields. One Pog came and sat beside him. He sure was an ugly creature. The Pog asked Twitch why he was so down, and Twitch told him he was looking for wisdom to bring unity to Losh.  The Pog told him that he could find the hidden knowledge in from the Dwarfs in the North.

       So, Twitch ordered books and scrolls from the Dwarfs of the North. He loved their message and filled all the University's with the teachings of the Northern Dwarves. The Gnomes were diligent in their studies and quest for Knowledge. Things really changed when they enhanced what they were learning with a new teaching that came from the Goblins of the South. This teaching had a flow of elegance and also a freshness of newness that was much appreciated by the studious Gnomes. The Teachings of the Dwarves seemed to be opposite of the teachings of the wise old Melly. For the Dwarves said that you should judge Gnomes based on their hair and not their heart. They said that judging someone based on their hair was fundamental and would help bring the proper balance to their world and would also restore their land that was all dried out. 

         The new teaching also focused on what the Blueys did the to the Reddies a long time ago when they pushed them out of their territory. They declared that all Blueys were inherently Evil and needed to pay back for the damage they did. So, they made them become servants to all the other Gnomes to pay back for their Evilness. Most Blueys were on board with being servants because the teachings of the Dwarves awoke them to all the evil they had done, and they were deeply ashamed and wanted to make right their wrongs. Some even pledged to be servants for the rest of their lives. Some even shaved their heads to get rid of the blue hair that they were so ashamed of. There were a few Blue Gnomes and that were not fully convinced and refused to be servants.  Some of these Blue Gnome families left the land of Losh for the shame was too much for them to bear.

        As the Gnomes continued to study hour after hour in the Universities. They felt they were finally learning valuable information. They learned that the best way to never let discrimination happen again like it did in the old days was to use segregation.  That way it would be easier for less prejudice to happen, as the that was part of what they learned in the Universities. They put all the Goldies by the sea and they put all Greenies by the dry meadows, and they put the Pinkies in the forest, and they put the Reddies in the mountains and the Blueys came with them to be their servants.

        After a few years of this teaching, they felt very, very wise yet there was still Gnome protests, and the butterflies were still gone and grass still brown. That is when the Pog told Twitch about the Secret Syrup of The Goblins of the South. One sip of the Syrup and all discrimination and prejudices would be gone in a flash, and they would also have a profound wisdom. 

        So, Twitch found a way to get the Goblins Syrup. He decided to take it himself first to see if it really worked before offering it to the Gnomes.  He took the Goblet with the sparkling green syrup. He was so thankful the syrup was green and not blue otherwise he thought it could really be poison. He drank the syrup and closed his eyes. Immediately he felt a burning sensation in his stomach. He felt different.. His eyes got a bit blurry but then slowly they became very focused. More focused than ever before he thought. He walked back on the dusty path and his eyes focused on something bright and yellow. He was shocked. Was he seeing a flower? A flower had not grown in Losh for years and years now. Ever since the butterflies left. He walked up to the flower. He knew that it was a sign. That land was being healed now because of his new wisdom. 

         He offered the drink free to the whole town of Losh and most Gnomes were very delighted to drink the Wisdom drink. They all agreed that the drink helped them to be less prejudice and they believed they had gained the highest level of ridding Evil from their land all the Prejudices that go with it. He even renamed their town from Losh to Equality. They had 3 Universities. One was named Unity University one was named Tolerance U. The last one was called Unprejudiced University. Any hint of prejudice would get you locked up in the Gnome Gulocks for a labor of lifetime.  The Town of Equality made a name for themselves and even became a wealthy town. They had Elves, and Trolls come pay a lot of money to learn their anti-discrimination lessons in their universities. This brought a lot of money to their town and Twitch was very happy and he made a lot of innovations that made the town of Equality a sought-after place to visit.  Although the land only produced one dandelion and the grass remained dried out and the butterflies had not returned. Twitch had enough money to buy fake green grass and he planted fake flowers. He converted the Gnomes caves to Castles. He was a hero in their land. He even painted the Pogs to look more like butterflies, but they still ended up looking grotesque. They didn't even have as many Gnome Protests as possible now because they were very organized with the new Gnome Enforcement Officers that put all the rebels in the Labor Camps. Finally, the The land of Equality was at peace and looked so beautiful again and even the visitors from around the world could not tell that they had fake grass and flowers. 

        Visitors around the world felt that when they took a pilgrimage to Equality, their eyes were fully awakened and focused. They also wanted to get their hands on the Goblins Wisdom drink to be fully Awoke. They let Trolls and Elves live in Equality, but they did have to be segregated to make sure that what the Blueys did to the the Reddies never happened again.  

           The elders of Equality noticed that the Citizens of Equality that did not drink the syrup seemed not be Awoke with wisdom and thought it was a weakness of their town that was holding them back. If everyone drank the syrup, everyone would be on the same accord in harmony and peace. So, Twitch decided it was time to have a Gnome Mandate on drinking the Syrup even though it had been optional before.   Most Gnomes were very compliant with taking the syrup for they thought it would help their community all being on the same accord. Although there was some Gnomes that were a bit hesitant to take it especially since some Gnomes did not completely trust some of the past Actions and behaviors of the Goblins.  Some that did not trust the Goblins took the syrup for the sacrifice of treating everyone equal and to prove to others that they did not discriminate.  The Goblins were the head teachers at the Universities. Although you could only have a Goblin as a Professor if you made it to the top ranks in learning. The Goblins made very sure that no trace of Mellys teachings was left behind and that everyone that got to top ranks understood that in order to not discriminate you had to discriminate so that you knew who were the evil ones that discriminate. Once you understood that. you be a master in anti-discrimination. The Headmaster Gobi the Goblin made sure he burned all of Mellys scrolls and hired Bounty Hunter Crows to look in Gnomes homes for any books or scrolls that have Melly's Message of not judging of Hair but of Heart. Anyone found keeping this message would be doomed to the Gnome labor camps.

           As more and more citizens of Equality took the vial of Goblin syrup the more Awoke they became. Although some of them completely disappeared after taking the syrup and this made some of the citizens alarmed. They wanted to know where their loved ones where and were crying for them. Gobi the Goblin assured them that their loved ones had reached the highest levels of being Awoke and were in alternate world, for this world was too low for them. He said the ones that disappeared are hero's and that it should be everyone's goal to reach their level of Wisdom and Knowledge. That they are in the land of butterflies and will come back shortly when they are ready. Alot of the Gnomes and citizens were comforted with these words because they trusted Twitch completely and Twitch trusts Gobi and they work together a lot of times. 

          Some elves and trolls did not like the mandate and went back to their own homes. This took an economic hit on the Land of Equality because in order to visit their land you had to have a sip of syrup first and a lot of outsiders were not willing to this. The leaders of Equality said if you don't take the Syrup, you cannot attend their universities anymore or go to any Gnome functions. They also made a special area for all the Unsyruppers to live. The Unsyruppers were those that refused to take the Syrup. The land they assigned them was A desert area full of burrs and no water was there. They were not allowed to leave the area and The Enforcement Officers guarded it to make sure no one left the area. They did not care if different types of gnomes lived there or even if Elves and Trolls all lived together in the Unsyrupped Section with the Gnomes. They did not care if they were not segregated because they deserved living in Ignorance since that chose ignorance in the first place by refusing the Wisdom Syrup. 

              The leaders declared there would be no fellowship among Wisdom takers and the Ignorant Unsyrupped.  This broke families up. Brother against Brother and Sister against Sister and Mother against son. A big Wind came again upon the land and even blew away the dandelion and all the fake flowers as well. The land looked ugly once again. Some wealthy Elves and Trolls that lived in Equality were shocked by the fake landscape and decided to leave. This brought famine in their land. As their wealth seemed to ride on wings of the Wind. 

                Even though this was going on in the land, most of the Gnomes were very loyal to Twitch and and Gobi the Goblin. After the Gnomes took their third dose of Syrup, they became so angry of the ignorance of the Unsyruppers that they started shaming them. They felt so much wiser and looked down on the ignorant ones that did not want to take the Syrup. Gobi proclaimed a decree of Shame on the Unsyruppers and encouraged the Wise citizens of Equality to their civil duty of shaming the ones who were holding back their Country of becoming the wisest place in the world.  Some of the Unsyruppers tried to run away from Equality and escape to the land of the Trolls but Gomi the Goblin got his Bounty Hunter Crows to track them down. He even had wanted signs everywhere of pictures of the ones that did not comply with the mandate.He sent out the Wanted Posters around the world and on the Poster, it had a picture of the Unsyrupper with Wanted inscribed on the top and Shameful inscribed on the bottom. To help with the decree of shame. Citezens of Equality were allowed to go once a week to go the Unsyruppers area and they would be able to yell and scream at them for not complying and being so ignorant. They were also able to purchase a fruit to throw at them. This was very upsetting to the Unsyruppers but it turned out to be a blessing because without that fruit thrown at them, they would have perished with no food. The wise Gnomes were very satisfied with their duty to shame for they knew that was the best thing for their society.

               The number of Unsyruppers became too numerous and there was too many of them to live in their appointed area so Gobi started creating a new labor Camp especially for them. For these Unsyruppers were so shameful and unwise that they could not be contained in the same Labor Camp of the rebels. They needed to be segregated, especially since they were a Town of Equality. Twitch thought it was important for the citizens of Equality to vote on the fate of the Unsyruppers. Of course, the ones that did not comply with the syrup had their voting right taken away. The votes came in and it was decided that the fate of the Unsyruppers was life in the Prison Camp. For they were holding back their community of achieving the highest Wisdom and for that was life in the Labor Camp.  

                 Twitch was a very angry with the ones that did not comply with the mandate but was also sad for his elderly uncle. For he was in the quarters of the Unsyrupped. Soon his uncle would be headed to the Labor Camp for life. How could his uncle be so dumb he thought? Part of him wanted to save his uncle because he was very frail, and Twitch knew he wouldn't last long in the labor camp, but he also knew it would be unfair if he favored his uncle and made an escape for him. 

                Twitch wiped his eye and went out to say his last words to his uncle. Twitch disguised himself in a long robe and hood and brought a staff with him. He didn't want to be recognized by anyone.

   He went out to Unsyrupped area where gnomes were on the ground sick for being denied water and food for not taking the syrup. He saw baby gnomes crying, abandoned by their sick parents. Twitch thought, why couldn't they have all just took the syrup and become wise then going through all this pain and destruction. Twitch felt sorry for them but at the same time pitied their ignorance. They chose this on themselves he thought. He had to have some words of closure with his uncle. 

            He came close to his uncle and put his arm around him greeted his uncle. He could see his uncle was blind now in both eyes. When Simon, Twitchs' uncle heard Twitch's voice he knew who it was Twitch. "It is so good to talk to you my nephew", said Simon. "I see now that you are blind in both eyes now Uncle, why did you have to also be blind in your Mind as well? You Could have lived in a Castle with me high above the mountain looking at all the city of Equality, but you chose this instead." said Twitch. "You know that would not be possible for me to live with you in a castle because I am a Bluey, and even though your mother was a Bluey you have Gold hair and Gnomes consider you a Goldie. Blueys and Goldies cannot live together ever since the new anti-discrimination law was put in place", said Simon the uncle. "Yes, you are right, but I did write you a couple letters even though I couldn't not be close to you. You have always been my favorite Uncle despite your stubborn ways", said Twitch.  A sorrow came over Twitch for he did love his uncle. Twitch pounded his hand in his other hand for he was so mad this was happening. He is losing his uncle to Ignorance. He saw a little book peeking out of Uncle Simon's pocket. It was a book made by Melly and his message of not judging by hair but by heart. That is a capital Punishment to even have that book, but he is going to the Labor Camps any day anyways, thought Twitch. "Uncle, why couldn't you have chosen the life of Wisdom and the life of Undiscriminating, I pity you, my uncle.",Said Twitch.  I love you my nephew and hope all goes well with you, Thank you for coming to say your goodbyes to me, said Uncle Twitch.

                Twitch put his head down in sadness as the Enforcement officers put chains around his arms and feet and led him to the Camp. His anger toward the Unsyruppers waned as he saw them all led away. He continued to feel a deep sadness as a Strange Wind flowed on upon the land. The Missing Gnomes Never came back and the Butterflies Never returned to the Land of Equality. Yet the Gnomes of Equality continued to live in their Wisdom their equality to this day.

                               THE END


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