The Ghetto State of Mind

                     The Ghetto State of Mind  The Ghetto state of mind is an intriguing concept. In my hometown this mind set is on an upscale. It has always been there but in the last 5 years its grown rampantly like wildfire. The ghetto state of mind comes in all colors and nationalities. You can identify it by how someone carries themselves and by their words and actions and how they treat others.   Let us explore this unaesthetic mind set.  This mind set is at one of the lowest mindsets. In this mindset the person always has to be right, always gets their way. Putting their needs first is always on their agenda. Some examples are screaming and honking at an elderly to cross the street as opposed to a more noble mindset of going out of your way to help an elderly person cross the street. This mindset is also displayed by not letting people merge on the highway knowing that now they will now have to exit. In some states not merging is against the law but it is just human decency tha

The Great Reign ( A political Fairytale that Brings Healing)

                                                   THE GREAT REIGN

                 A Political Fairytale that Brings Healing

  Once upon a Time in a land called Uz.  There were two different kingdoms, ruled by two different Princes. Prince Harry Liggs was the Prince of Unwashed D.C. Swamp. He ruled over the creatures known as the Swampians. Prince Yorkshire was the Prince of Ew York who ruled over the Yorkian creatures that lived on top of Mount Caspian in the land of Ew York.

       The Yorkians were tall creatures that resembled the ancient Unicorns. They stood on two feet and had a single horn that was red and there was a red bump close to their horn so that from a distance it looked like they were wearing a red hat. They were proud of their red natural head-covering horn. They also had had beautiful long wings and when extended shined like a rainbow.

     The Yorkians used to be a very happy group of creatures. They were always grumpy now because they were in an ongoing war with the Swampians.

The Swampians were swamp like creatures that lived in a nearby swamp below Mount Caspian. The Swamp they lived in was called Unwashed D.C. and it was ruled by Prince Harry Liggs.  Prince Harry Liggs lived in a tall castle overlooking the Swamp. The Swampians were interesting looking creatures. They had kindof a Puffy body that was also very bumpy. They looked like a combination of a big frog mixed with a duck. They had a big puffy olive green body with long legs and the feet of a duck. 
Prince Harry Liggs had very long hairlike spikes on his legs and in the sun they shone very brightly and dazzling. 

   The leader of The Yorkians was Prince Yorkshire. The Yorkians were very happy with their leader and had great confidence in him. Yet they were unhappy with the everyday conditions of their life. Mainly because they were getting worn out and tired from the 5-year war with the Swampians. Everything that used to bring them joy did not anymore. They were consumed with hate towards the Swampians. 

              Life at Unwashed D.C,  the Swamp of the Swampians was no better than the lives of the Yorkians. The Swampians had also lost their joy in their hate towards the Yorkians. They used to play special musical swamp instruments made out of seaweed when they came together as a swamp community to play their music. The most beautiful sound that was ever heard of in the whole land of Uz. The music stopped ever since the War started with the Yorkians. They all had lost their interest to play music because the music they played was so delightful and uplifting and they were not in the mood to play happy music. All though once a week a dreadful loud sound came from the Swamp that could be heard in all of the land of Uz. They made a cardboard picture of Prince Yorkshire and once a week they went out to throw huge Sea Shells at it and they grinded their Sharp teeth that made this awful sound that could be heard everywhere. The sound was so loud that the Yorkians made themselves special earmuffs to block out the horrible sound. 

         Prince Yorkian was well-liked among his kingdom but one of his faults is that sometimes during his Kingdom speeches he Neighs too growly. Some Creatures find this a bit offensive but most appreciate the gruffness of the Neigh. The Yorkians loved to dance. They had such grace when they danced and they used to dance at a park near Unwashed D.C once a week and put on a beautiful show for the whole land of Uz. They decided that once the war started it was now unsafe to go near their enemies. Plus they did not want to bring the Swampians any joy by watching their beautiful dance. So they danced in the forests of their Mountain. They eventually stopped dancing altogether because they were so bitter about their hate towards Prince Harry Liggs and his swamp creatures. The Yorkians lived in stall-like houses. Each stall was unique and looked different. Some were big and some were small. Some had beautiful Jewels on them and some others looked very plain and humble. There were even some Yorkians that did not have a stall home and had to sleep on a Unicorn Cot. The poor Yorkians begged the other Yorkians for York diamonds so they could buy some Rainbow pellet food. The Yorkians were very patriotic and each Yorkian that owned a Uniastall home had a large Ew York Flag outside of their stall. 

      In Unwashed D.C., they did not live in Unistalls but in huts that all lined up on the coast of the Swamp. Every single hut was exactly the same and made out of swamp mud. Most of the Swampians were happy that Price Harry Liggs outlawed different-sized huts and also limited the number of huts you could have to just one. They were a very communal type group and despised the individualism of the Yorkians. The Swampians values were quite opposite of the Yorkians for the Swampians valued everyone having equality and they also valued letting other creatures into Uz such as Giraffizines and the Lizard People. The Yorkians made a huge stack of rocks that blocked other creatures from getting into Uz. The Swampians tried to break down the big pile of rocks but were not able to. They also valued not eating fish from the sea because they thought it could damage the land in Uz. They only ate flies instead to protect their environment. In fact, this is the whole reason why the war started with the Yorkians in the first place.

           For 500 years the Yorkians and Swampians lived in peace in the land of Uz. The war between them was mainly started when Prince Hairy Liggs chief advisor Dr. Ouchi said that it was very bad for the environment to be eating fish or any sea creature.  Dr. Ouchi said that he discovered that the more sea creatures in the sea the less smog there would be and the more smog means the end for the land of Uz. The Swampians were alarmed by this news and as a comunual group deicied to unite together and not eat fish or any other sea creature again. For it was the noble thing to do. So they just ate flies from then on. When Prince Harry Liggs had a meeting with Prince Yorkshire about Dr. Ouchi's new research on the environment he thought that Prince Yorkshire would be united on the stance to no longer eat sea creatures. For Dr Ouchi was not a Yorkian or a Swampian, he was an Octopusplatter creature. He would work with both leaders with his scienfic researches. He was well respected in both communities. Yet when Prince Yorshire heard the news of no more eating fish. Yorkshire neighed "Enough is Enough!".  Prince Yorkshire kicked Dr. Ouchi out of Ew York and banned him from ever entering their town again. The creatures of Ew York clapped in unity with what Prince Yorkshire said because they valued Freedom. Freedom was one of their core beliefs. They mocked the Swampians for their lack of Freedom. Prince Harry Liggs had them on a strict routine. They could only come out to catch flies twice a day and had a curfew of when to go back into their huts at the end of the day. They had to eat only the rationed amount of Flies that Prince Harry Liggs mandated. The Yorkians despised these rations because they heard of reports that while the Swampians were practically starving on their limited amount of flies each day, Prince Harry Liggs was eating big juicy frogs. A delicacy known in the land of Uz. The Yorkians loved their freedom of being able to leave their Unistalls whenever they wanted with no curfews and they were able to run in the forest wild and free. There was no restrictions on any food. They hated the Swampians in their hearts and they thought their values were ridiculous. Such as the Book of Hate, which the Swampians had to abide by. The book of Hate had one million phrases of what is considered hate speech to them. In the book it has such phrases as,  You have Cooties, and I despise crunchy flies, and you look fat in those jeans.  If you were charged saying any of the phrases from the Hate book you could go to the underground Swamp Prison for many years.

  Every Morning in the land of Uz during the Great Reign. Prince Harry Liggs got out his seashell-made Megaphone and hurled an insult at Prince Yorkshire and the Yorkians. Prince Yorkshire got out his Megaphone made out of a Yorkian horn and blasted insults back. He neighed a loud piercing Neigh that was sometimes even irritating to the Yorkians. His Neigh was very offensive but most of the Yorkians admired his toughness. All-day long they took turns broadcasting their insults to each other. It was hard for both creature groups to accomplish anything or to be productive with all the screaming and shouting going back and forth each day. It filled the Yorkians and the Swampians hearts with hate. 

        At the end of the day. the Yorkians used to talk about how their day went and all the new dance moves they made, but now all they could talk about were the nasty insults that Prince Harry Liggs was shouting over his megaphone and the accusations that Prince Yorkian was making against Prince Harry Liggs and how he was eating so many frogs that now their was a shortage of species in the Swamp. 

      The Swampians used to enjoy sharing with their families the beautiful new songs they made with their seaweed instruments but now they could only talk about the Screaming and Shouting coming from both of the Princes. They were appalled when they heard one of the Yorkians died from not having proper shelter and how they were so selfish, that some of their creatures were homeless and that they ate fish and are ruining the environment. They wished that Yorkians were less savage and more selfless like themselves. 

   During the Great Reign, it was not a pleasant place to live. With screaming and shouting and the loud sound of Gnashing of teeth. No more were the pleasant sounds of the Swampian's aluring music and the graceful dancing of the Yorkians. It was just noise, noise, noise. An awful, dreadful noise. 

     A drought came to the Land of Uz. It really made life difficult for all the creatures. The Swampians blamed the Yorkians for the drought, saying it was because the Yorkians were selfish and ate all the fish and now it created the Drought and how it also created a thick smog that surrounded their swamp. The Yorkians blamed the Swampians saying it was because Prince Harry liggs was eating up all the delicacies and that why there was no rain.

         Prince Harry Liggs started rationing flies because of the fly shortage that the drought had created. Each family only would receive 5 flys a day. This was hard on the Swampians because since restricting them from not eating fish or any other sea creature was difficult they were able to eat as many flies as they wanted to sustain them. Now with a limit about of flies they could eat, they felt the pain in their stomachs. They tried their best not to complain and to come together as one in uniformity. Plus it was one of their core values to work together as one and to sacrifice for good for a bigger cause.

          The Yorkians were also greatly affected by the drought. Their ponds in Ew York completely dried up and even though their was no restrictions of eating fish there was no fish to eat. They had to rely on their caterpillar rainbow pellots but even those were getting low due to the drought and a shortage of caterpillars. 

          One day a young Yorkian named Billy went to look for a pond that might have a fish left. He heard some news that there was a few fish still out there in some remote ponds in the forest. He went out with his fishing pole and travelled quite far searching for a pond. He was right about to give up when he discovered a small pond. He was so excited and he got out his fishing pole. He fished for several hours and was heartbroken by his failure to catch any fish. He started crying underneath an oak tree.  There was a white Silkworm dangling from the tree and the worm spoke up and said, "Hey Buddy, Do not be blue, I know of the enchanted sea that has millions of fish and it is not too far from here." Billy looked up and was surprised to see the SilkWorm talking. "Could you please tell me where the this Enchanted Sea is for if I do not find it soon, my whole family may not survive the winter", said Billy. "Of course little guy, Just go to the very bottom of the mountain and take 12 steps to the right and Tada you are there!" said the White Silk Worm. Little Billy was so excited he could barley thank the White worm as he started to decline the mountain. 

     When Billy got down from the mountain he noticed a thick smog and it was very hard to see. He took 12 steps to the right but couldn't see anything at all. He suddenly got very scared and thought maybe the creepy White Silkworm had deceived him. He yelled, "help!"  A voice replied, "What is wrong?" Startled by the voice, Little Billy said, "I am lost, I am trying to find the Enchanted Sea with the million fish". "I am sorry, there is no Enchanted sea here, only a muddy swamp, there is fish here but it outlawed to fish here, if anyone is caught fishing in this swamp they will go directly to the Underground Swamp Prison for life." said the Voice.

      Billy then started pouring out tears that flowed from his large Yorkian eyes. "There is no hope for my family, they will not be able to survive the winter. I don't want my family to die!" cried the little Yorkian. 

        All of sudden the smog cleared a bit and little Billy could see more clearly who was behind the voice. It was a little Swampian. Billy had never see a real Swampian in real life because he was born after the war had begun. The Swampian didn't look as scary as the Yorkians described them. Jimmi, the young Swampian was also surprised by the cool and elegant rainbow-colored wings that the Yorkian had. His fellow creatures always described the Yorkians as ugly and evil looking. 

        "I do not want your family to die!" said Jimmi. He took 5 flies out of this pocket and gave it to the young Yorkian. "This is all my family has", said Jimmi.  Billy was heart-warmed by Jimmi's sacrificial offer. He thanked him but said, "As you can see we Yorkians are much bigger than Swampians and would never be able to survive on mere flies". This made little Jimmi very sad and his heart was moved. Little Jimmy then said, "I will help you to catch fish so that your family will survive". Little Yorkian said, "I do not want you to go to a dungeon and risk your life". "I insist!" said the young Swampian and Jimmi showed Billy how to catch fish without getting caught. Billy thanked Jimmi and left with a big bag of fish. It was a good thing the Fog was so thick for it helped to disguise them as they caught the fish. 

     They met once a week in secret and continued to catch fish. The Yorkians were able to survive the winter because of the fish. The Swampians also survived the winter but their puffy bodies were no longer puffy anymore, they were more stick-shaped now. They almost looked like a completely different species.  As the winter was ending the smog started lifting and it was getting more difficult to go fishing without getting caught. They decided they would have to stop their fishing excursions. So they planned on one last meeting. This made both the little Yorkian and little Swampian very sad because they had become best friends and they had the best time of their lives fishing together. No is like Jimmi in the land of Ew York, that brings me so much joy thought Billy. Jimmi thought that no friend could ever compare to the friend he had in Billy. Nevertheless, they would have to end their fishing adventures. 

          The Morning of their last meeting was upon them. Billy awoke to the screams and shouting of the Princes' exchanges through the Megaphones. Prince Yorkshire said, "Your Momma is so fat she woke up on both sides of the bed!"  Prince Harry Liggs responded, wi "Your Mama is so dumb she studied for the Covid test". Billy knew he was young but even he could tell the Princes had hit a new low. Billy was deeply saddened by the thought of never seeing Jimmi anymore. Who would he talk to and laugh with and have swamp swimming races with? He would lose his best friend, the one that saved all the Yorkian's lives that winter. Billy knew it was better to end their friendship than to have Jimmi live in the Swamp Prison for the rest of his life. 

                   That afternoon when it was getting close to the time of Billy and Jimmys last meet up. Billy started getting very nervous. He got his fishing gear and bag out and headed down the mountain. The sun was out and Billy was getting very hot from the trip down the mountain. He tripped on a stick and saw something white slithering by. It was the White Silk Worm. "Well. hello there Buddy" said the Silkworm. Billy didn't know if it was wise to trust the Silkworm because there was no enchanted sea but the worm was right about a fish being in the sea at the foot of the mountain. "Are you happy about all the fish I told you about and that helped your family survive?" said the White Silk Worm. "Yes, thank you for your help.", said Billy. "I have heard," said the White worm as he slithers up and then down a tree. "that there are some silver magical fish that are on the left side of the swamp. you only have to eat one fish and it will keep you full for 3 months." "Wow", said Billy. that was the miracle he needed. Now that it would be his last fishing trip if he just got a bag of the silverfish it would help his family to continue to survive! Billy thanked the Silkworm and continued down the tree. He was starting to get a bit tired and decided to take a short rest on a log. He was beginning to feel very scared for some reason. He had a bad feeling in his stomach and something felt very wrong. All of a sudden a saw something bright fluttering. A bright blue light shone from it. It was a Blue Butterfly Angel-Fairy. She was so beautiful and as she flapped her wings in made the most pleasant sound. She said. "Please do not despair, I have a message for you, from the Creater of Uz."  "So not not Fear, I am with you, Do not be dismayed, I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my right hand." The Butterfly Angel-fairy then sprinkled some Heaven dust on Billy and it looked like colorful specs from Heaven itself.  He immediately felt a peace settle in his tummy. The Butterfly Angel-fairy said, May Peace be with you, Shalom, and poof she was gone.

              This encouraged Billy greatly. He heard of stories of how the Yorkians used to worship the Great Creator before the Great Reign started and also visited the abandoned UniChapel one time. When the Yorkians hearts became so filled with hate there was no more room for God anymore. Billy was amazed and delighted to hear a message from the Great Creator. This gave him the strength to not be scared, knowing the Great Creater was with him.

      Billy continued down the mountain with his new vigor and creeped quietly to the right where he saw Jimmi hiding. He tip-toed towards little Jimmy. He gave Jimmy a hug and Jimmy had already fished and had the fish bag ready to go. Billy explained to Jimmi what the White Silk Worm had said and that he had to go to the left side of the swamp to get the silver water. Jimmi was not happy with this news because the location of the Silver Fish was the exact same place where Price Harry Liggs resided in his castle. Jimmi thought it might be too dangerous but then deicied it was worth the risk of helping the Yorkians survive. "I will go alone said Billy, I do not want anything to happen to you". Again Jimmi insisted they were in this together. So they creeped through the fog as silent as they could be and hid behind a tree anytime they saw a Swampian approaching. Most of Swampinas were under quarantine until they were allowed out of their huts for their twice-a-day outgoings. The only swampians out had to have a special pass.  They finally made it to right underneath Prince Harry Liggs castle. Harry saw a silver glisten of a fish! Could the White Silk Worm really have told the truth? he thought. He looked closer and it was true, there were hundreds of silverfish all swimming underneath the castle. Wow, thought Billy and they started grabbing the fish and throwing them in the bag. A loud sound of a Bell ringed. "Oh no," said, Jimmi "that's the Quarininte Bell, it rings when the Quarantine is over, Hide" he shouted! They tried to hold their breath underwater as long as they could. When they couldn't hold their breath any longer they popped up out of the water and a Female Swampian screamed when she saw the little Yorkian. She pointed at him and screamed, "Danger, Yorkian!"  The mother Swampians picked up their baby Swampians and scurried off in fear. The Castle guards came to see all the commotion going on and got a huge net and trapped little Billy in the net. They took another net a trapped Jimmi in it for being caught with a bag of fish. 

            They were both brought to the Underground Swamp Prison. Word got out to the Yorkians that Little Billy was captured in the Swampians Swamp Prison. Harry Liggs told them himself on his loudspeaker. This infuriated the Yorkians and they decided that they would come together to rescue Billy and to Battle against the Swampians. They started making special weapons to fight the Swampians. When they were already, everyone joined in the mission to battle against the Sawampians. Mothers, Uncles and even children. They started coming down the mountain in droves. 

              Meanwhile, Prince Harry Liggs was so offended that Jimmy and Billy wanted to steal the Royal fish that he wanted to make them into a lesson for the rest of Unwashed D.C. He took them both and put them In some cages in the middle of the Swamp so everyone could see. He hooked up the Yorkians wings with chains. He put up a sign by the cage that said, I have committed the ultimate sin of Selfishness. Swampians spent the day throwing sea garbage at them. How selfish they are! said the crowds. 

             Soon the all of the Yorkians arrived on the shore, with Prince Yorkshire behind them all. "Let our baby free" yelled Billy's mother. Then all of the Yorkians chanted, "Let the baby free! Let the baby free!" Prince Harry Liggs got on his megaphone and shouted obsenties at the Yorkians and what a selfish group they were. Prince Yorkshire accused Prince Hairy Liggs of having a Royal stash of silverfish for himself and that he was the one that was selfish. There was so much pent up hate in both of the hearts of the Yorkians and also of the Swampians that they started hurling swamp mud at each other. The Swampians had special mudslinger weapons to sling mud in the faces of the Yorkians and the Yorkians had made their own mudslingers out of Yorkian horns. It was a Mud bath. "Enough of this", said Prince Yorkian. "It is time for the Princes to do the final battle," he said. So Prince Yorkian came right to the shore with his megaphone. "Come out Prince Harry Liggs, Are you scared to fight me?" says Yorkshire. No one had seen Prince Harry Liggs come out of his castle in months. Eveyone was silent and waited to hear what Prince Harry Liggs would say on his Seashell Megaphone. After much silence, Harry Liggs said, "I will come out and battle you Evil Yorkshire! I have been waiting for this day for a very long time". It took a while for Prince Hairy Liggs to come out and make his appearance. He looked quite pale. Prince Yorkshire took his Hornlike mudslinger and pointed it up in a ready-for-war pose. There was a path like a bridge to where Prince Yorkshire was to Prince Harry Liggs, They slowly started to walk towards each other. Each carrying their Megaphone in one hand and mud slinger in the other. Prince Yorkshire blasted off the first mud pile and it went right inside Harry Liggs mouth. The crowd ghasted in unison. Then Prince Yorshire started charging towards Prince Harry Liggs and Neighing a warlike Neigh at his opponent. As he was running he slid on some mud and spun around and did a flip and then another flip. Some of the creatures in the crowd did not know if they were at a War Battle or a Circus. Then Prince Yorkshire finally landed on his bum and Prince Harry Liggs, said on his loudspeaker, "Ah Hah, right where I want you". Prince Yorhire's leg was stuck in the mud and couldn't get up and so Prince Harry Liggs started approaching him with his musdslinger. He pointed the mudslinger towards Prince Yorshire and and pushed the sling string all the way back and Boom! The Mud went all in Prince Harry Liggs ears. He had it pointed the wrong way. Prince Yorkshire finally got up and said "You dummy'". He ran towards Prince Harry liggs and was just about to grab him when they both slipped and slided on the mud and both of them couldn't get up. Everytime They tried to get up they would slip again. The crowd couldn't handle it anymore and exploded with laughter at what a funny sight they were seeing. They had never seen something so funny in their lives. Even both of the Princes Megaphone broke and shattered apart during this. They were both playing slip and slide for several hours when all of a sudden a big Rainstorm came and all the creatures cheered both the Yorkians and the Swampians for the breaking of the Drought. All the mud washed from their bodies and they realized how ridiculous they were throwing mud at each other.  The path was cleared now for Prince Harry Liggs and Prince Yorkshire to get up, but they were so exhausted they stayed laying down. 

               The rain helped melt the mud away and the hate in their hearts. The slip and Slide Show showed them how foolish they had been and they both agreed to not let hate ever reign in the hearts again.   

    When Prince Harry Liggs finally got up, he went over to the cage with the Jimmi and Billy and he got the key from his pocket to let them both loose. He announced that he realized his priorities were all wrong. He said the rain waters gave him a new realization that Love and not Hate is the answer. He threw the Hate book in the garbage and said real hate is when you do not love your neighbor as yourself. When he said this, the hairy spikes on his legs shone so brightly they lit up all of the lands of Uz.  Prince Yorkshire came to where Prince Hairy Liggs was standing and said, "Wow, those are some magnificent Spikes, Most Magnificent spikes I have ever seen." He then also said, "I have not made Love a priority in the land of Ew York, Our new Core value will be Love your Neighbor!  The whole crowd cheered in unison. Yorkshire reminded everyone what The Creator said in his book, You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[a] and hate your enemy.’  But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,  that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.  If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?  And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?  Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. 

  "We need to Put the Creator, Jesus again first, only through him can we truly learn how to Love". Everyone Cheered again.  All of a sudden Prince Yorkshire's red horn tuned into rainbow colors and shone so light that everyone was wowed by it. Then Both Princes read Psalm 100 and gave thanks to their Creator.  At that time a Big Rainbow appeared in the sky and it looked as if the rainbow was connected to Ew York. Billy astounded by the rainbow saw the Rainbow Angel Fairys flying near the rainbow. They also made an Uz Compact for their land. In their Compact it stated that They will Love their neighbor as themselves and this included most importantly, enemies. That they would fill their hearts first with God and Love first and make that a priority over Politics and lastly that they would have a core value that is was O.K. to agree to disagree. That whenever tension came they would remember not to judge scream and shout at the other person. To accept that the other person is allowed to have their own opinion as a Citizen of Uz and to Agree to Disagree. Both the Yorkians and Swampians had enough of shouting and screaming and they never wanted that curse to come into their land again.

         The Yorkians rebuilt their UniChapel and invited the Swampians to a special feast that they would remember forever how they finally came together after the MudSling War and put their politics to the side. 

       From that day on Love filled the hearts of creatures of Uz. They searched for what they had in common with their fellow creatures and they realized they were all creations of the Creator. They even would visit each other and Billy and Jimmi got to play with each other every single day. The Swampians filled with so much joy started to play their sea music again. Every morning in Uz instead of Screaming and shouting there was beautiful music that encouraged everyone to be filled with love. Instead of the News of Political MegaPhones blasting screams of hatred. The creatures of Uz started their day with the Good News of the Good Book.  Later in the Evening, the Yorkians would dance by the Swamp and it also encouraged the spirit of Love. There was finally Peace in the Air.  Some of the Yorkians joined the Swamp band and some of the Swampians joined the dance team and they made new groups as well. A lot of the juvenile creatures joined sports teams and reading clubs together. They stood by the Core values of The new Uz compact. 

        Things were not always perfect in the Land of Uz. The Swampians still did things that were weird to the Yokians such as outlawing eating flies because Dr. Ouchi discovered that is eating flies not fish that created the smog. The Swampians still continued to live on a strict schedule but now came out 4 times a day instead of two. The Swampians still thought the Yorkians could be a little less selfish and even helped them make some extra Unistalls for homeless Yorkians. The Yorkians invited them to their Chapel every week and the Swampians got to hear more about the Word of Jesus.

             Every year the Yorkians and the Swampians have a feast together at the UniChapel to remember the compact they made that helped to maintain peace in their land. They end their feast with prayer and the reading of Psalm 100. Giving thanks to their Creator, Jesus.  They also have a Slip and Slide party to remember how ridiculous they acted during the Great Reign. They giggle and laugh and they continue to love their neighbor as themselves no matter how many differences they have between them. Then they finish off their joyful gathering This is the story of the Great Reign and how Hate was destroyed in the land of Uz and how Love Won. 

                                  THE END

Philippians 4:8-9

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Love for Enemies

“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[a] and hate your enemy.’  But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,  that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.  If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?  Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

       Isaiah 41:10

 10  fear not, for I am with you;

be not dismayed, for I am your God;

I will strengthen you, I will help you,

I will uphold you with cmy righteous right hand.





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