The Ghetto State of Mind

                     The Ghetto State of Mind  The Ghetto state of mind is an intriguing concept. In my hometown this mind set is on an upscale. It has always been there but in the last 5 years its grown rampantly like wildfire. The ghetto state of mind comes in all colors and nationalities. You can identify it by how someone carries themselves and by their words and actions and how they treat others.   Let us explore this unaesthetic mind set.  This mind set is at one of the lowest mindsets. In this mindset the person always has to be right, always gets their way. Putting their needs first is always on their agenda. Some examples are screaming and honking at an elderly to cross the street as opposed to a more noble mindset of going out of your way to help an elderly person cross the street. This mindset is also displayed by not letting people merge on the highway knowing that now they will now have to exit. In some states not merging is against the law but it is just human decency tha

American Political Polarization: A new Mental Illness

            American Political Polarization

                    A New Mental Illness

  It is May and it it currently Mental Health Awareness Month. I decided to write a few blogs on the subject. Including that I think that America is dealing with a mental illness itself. That mental illness is called, Political Polarization or for short, Poli-polar

      Poli-Polar is a devastating severe mental illness. Signs and Symptoms of Poli-Polar are the following

Trouble Sleeping at night, nightmares

Excessive focus on news and shows focused on political programming

Hating people of the opposing Political team that you are on

Engaging in Political discrimination and thinking all people of the opposite party are exactly the same and evil

Most time is consumed on how to fight the other party and to expose them

Hate is more in your heart then love

Thinking only the good people are on your Political Party

Deleting friends on Social Media because of their Political Party

Not allowing others to have a Political Party difference at voicing that in front of you with out you slamming them down and not respecting that everyone is a individual with their own mind and right to choose their own party.

Not having a lot of hobbies or other interests besides Politics in your life

Only being friends with people of the same political party

If you have at least 4 of these Symptoms you have a Bad case of Poli-Polar.  It is destructive disorder and it is very contagious. This summer there has been a Hatedemic of Poli-Polar that spread from town to town. Many were killed from this disease. It was sad when I found out a local Street Preacher in Milwaukee was shot cold dead after holding a Trump Sign that day. This grieved me much that a Black man in America can still not have the freedom to vote for himself.  When experts looked at this disorder closely they saw that is stemmed from toxic seed in the heart area and the seed had a toxic element called hate in it.  It seemed to start in the heart and then it went to the tongue to expel the Hate toxins in the air. 

        When people expelled it into the air and others heard the air filled toxins they became contaminated too. These voices where spreading all over the world. The outbreak started in News Studio then went to magazines then to You Tubers and just kept spreading till almost everyone was getting contaminated with Poli-Polar.

       People didn't even realize they were sick. When they talked they didn't even realize how one sided they were talking. One of the main symptoms in most mental illnesses is Black and White Thinking. Where there is no room for gray areas. All the people on this side are bad and all the people that think like me are good and correct. Are we really that simple of people? The Poli-Polar has blinded us into making generalizations of people.  People are 3D not 2D. We are complex people that can not be pigeon holed. Yet once the Poli-Polar has taken the whole body captive the person and starts attacking the brain the person  can no longer think for themselves only for the preprogrammed Poli-Polar agenda mindset. At this point you have become brain dead because the Poli-Polar will tell you exactly what to believe and all the people contaminated will think all alike. There will be no critical thinking or individuality. 

        People are not meant to be thinking so linear. Coke or Pepsi. What about Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Sierra Misst, Fanta ect...?

    Can someone like myself respect the police and pray for them yet not back the badge? Yes. I think the Back The Badge is divisive. It does not take in the individual case and sends the message that you will back the Badge no matter what incident happened. Can we stop the Black and White negative thinking?  Can I fight racism with out backing the Black Lives Matter Organization that even Breonna Taylor's family has become disillusioned with ? Yes I can. Can I be against Socialism and also hate the rat race, Commercialism and greed. Yes I can. Can I be a supporter of social programs such as Social Security and programs like the Job core and still want Private schools and Businesses to thrive? Yes I can.  Can I stand up for political Views that are dear to my heart like Life for a baby, Without hating the Pro-Choice people? Yes I can. Let's stop the dividing narrative. We are 3D people. Let's throw of the Political Polarization and start seeing people as humans again. The only thing that can cure Poli-Polar is Love. 

        I myself caught the Poli-Polar. My whole body could feel the pains of it and I lost friends. I want this Poli-Polar war to stop and I want Love to Win. Let us stop seeing the world in Black or White and start seeing the world in color again and seeing through the blind spots of Poli-Polar and really searching for the colors and strand of humanity that bind us all together.

This Blog is dedicated to Bermell Tramell (Rastafarian Street Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ) that was tragically gunned down after holding a Trump sign on the East Side Of Milwaukee last summer. I pray he is on the side of Love now walking down the streets of Gold.        May ❤ Love Win

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