The Ghetto State of Mind

                     The Ghetto State of Mind  The Ghetto state of mind is an intriguing concept. In my hometown this mind set is on an upscale. It has always been there but in the last 5 years its grown rampantly like wildfire. The ghetto state of mind comes in all colors and nationalities. You can identify it by how someone carries themselves and by their words and actions and how they treat others.   Let us explore this unaesthetic mind set.  This mind set is at one of the lowest mindsets. In this mindset the person always has to be right, always gets their way. Putting their needs first is always on their agenda. Some examples are screaming and honking at an elderly to cross the street as opposed to a more noble mindset of going out of your way to help an elderly person cross the street. This mindset is also displayed by not letting people merge on the highway knowing that now they will now have to exit. In some states not merging is against the law but it is just human decency tha

The Reunion

                             The Reunion

            Growing up my favorite show was the Twilight Zone. I passed this love on to my son and we had special times when he was growing up, of us both watching the show together. I made up my own episode called," The Reunion".

       It was the 40th year reunion for Ridgemont High School for Girls. Lucy was excited yet aphrensive about meeting her former classmates again. She started thinking more about what she accomplished in her life and was starting to doubt herself. She was single with no children and worked as bus driver for over 20 years.  The children she brought to school were like her children and she mentored them over the years and has shared the Lord with these children and prayed for them.  She has a compassionate heart and a love for people and animals. When she sees a need her heart moves her to help others. She volunteers at the Rescue mission for animals and has a love for birds. The birds remind her of God's love she would remind others and how his eye is on the sparrow. Despite her circumstances she was always cheerful and her face glowed with God's goodness. Over the years she has brought home birds that otherwise would have been put to sleep. As of now she has 22 birds. Exotic birds and birds of every color and size. She does a very good job of taking care of them even though it is a bit cramped in her small apartment building.  Lucy was also a little worried about what she would wear to the reuiniom since she had little money to have nice clothes, but she picked out her favorite dress even though it was worn out and tattered it still was a comfort for her.   

          Debbie is also planning on attending the same Reunion as Lucy. Debbie was one of the most popular girls at Ridgemont. She lives in a big house in a upscale neighborhood with her husband. Her children lead successful lives. She was the head nurse practitioner at a prominent hospital. She is now retired and enjoys her time going on multiple vacations a year. She holds the invitation to the her 40th Reunion in her hand as she looks in the beautiful tall mirror in her room, but what she sees is nothing beautiful.
What happened to her beautiful thick Blonde waves of hair? She goes to the beauty salon twice a month and even that does not much to restore her youth. All she sees is layers of wrinkles. She thinks she looks like bull dog, she can hardly recognize herself in the mirror.  She has packed on the pounds and the worst of it is, the walker she has to use. She cries and she wonders if she should go to her reunion at all.

       Then there is Silvia, another popular girl but also a "mean girl" in high school.  Silvia is a tall blond haired woman. She works in the Oval office and has been quite successful. She has been divorced 3 times and is currently single but dating a handsome rich man that is too busy for her most of the time and could not make it to the reuinion. She still looks like a very attractive women. When she gets the invitation to reunion she gets a smile on her face and looks forward to going shopping for the perfect outfit, she can't wait to tell her classmates about her successes. She is very pleased with her life but really wished she could have had children or grandchildren to show off as well.

              Lucy, Debbie and Silvia did decide to come to the reunion. Debbie felt a sigh of relief when gray haired ladies showed up and there were several other ladies with walkers there.

Lucy felt her fears melt away when she saw her classmates faces and just wanted to connect with them and had fun showing them pictures of all her birds. Silvia felt confident with out a husband when all the the ladies husbands gawked at her beauty as she walked in with her sharp dress,expensive jewels and Louie Vuittion purse.

          All three ladies were smiling and having fun reunited with their former classmates when in came the headmaster of the school. She greeted them and said, since the class size was so small she wanted everyone to play a fun party game and have everyone come up to the podium and say why their life had been successful and then at the end their would be a vote and whoever was voted "most successful" would win a trip to the Caribbean. 

               All the ladies fears arose again and their insecurities surfaced again. What a horrible game thought Debbie. One by one each lady when up to the podium to give their quick speech of why their life was successful. Then it was time for Lucy to go up there and she was so nervous she tripped on her dress, but quickly got up. She stumbled on her words and didn't really know what to say. She talked a little bit about the school children she helped and then she talked in depth about each bird individually and the crowd started laughing. She unfolded a string of wallet photos of each bird. This is Doris, this Aphie she went on and on about her birds. She could not tell if they were laughing at her stories of the birdsor just her. She heard Debbie say under breath,"How ridiculous". 
Then as Lucy was rambling on due to her nervousness a big feather fell from her hair. The crowd roared with laughter. She heard Silvia's loud high pitched laugh and tears streaming down her face of how funny she though Lucy's life story was and how the feather flew from Lucy's head.
Lucy went back to her seat humiliated. She was the only person laughed at. She hunched in her seat holding back the tears. The tall dark haired headmaster came in the room with an envelope of the winner. She struggled to open the envelope and was about to say Silvia when then the lights went off and then on. Everyone in the room startled about the flickering lights. There were flashes of lights. The room was dimly lit now and there was a man standing at the podium instead of the headmaster. He said ladies and Gentlemen this is the Judgment seat. The crowd shocked and confused now.
The man that looked like a shadow since it was so dark in the room said, We will now see, who will be last and who will be first for the Last will be first and the first will be last. I will now open the envelope. Lucy, he said,come to front you have been the most prosperous here. You will receive the crown. For when I was hungry you gave me something to eat, when I was thirsty you gave me something to drink, when I was a stranger you took me in,when I was sick you looked after me when I was in prison you visited me. Astonished Lucy not even recognizing this man, said, "but sir,how can this be, I never met you before?" The man said truly whatever you did for one of the least of these brother's you did for me. He gave her a big hug and all her fears were gone in the comfort of his arms. Silvia got up and upset and said, "That is not fair! Let me see that envelope! I know my name was written in there! That is my crown, give that to me". That old bird lady is disgusting she the epitome of failure in every way! Silvia reached to take the beautiful jeweled crown off Lucy's head but the man reached out his hand to prevent Silvia knocking it off.  The man dressed in white said in a booming voice, Away from me, I never Knew you! Silvia was out of control, maybe she had too many drinks that night. Some men, I am not sure if they were security guards or from a heavenly realm constrained Silvia as she was screaming and kicking and the men took her away. The man in white straightened Lucy's crown and said "well done faithful servant". The crowd clapped this time with awe and praise. Lucy bowed down and said humbly it is nothing that I have done but all the praise is due to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

          Three women, A reunion, All women have their own insecurities despite what the world deems successful. A woman that lost her youthfulness, A woman that made her way to the White house that looks lovely and makes heads turn and then there is the Bird Lady. 

             In another dimension The Last will be first and the first will be Last.

                       The End.

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